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You work hard at your craft. You’ve spent hours upon hours learning, experimenting and strengthening your skills. So why not share that with the world? 

Many creatives hesitate to share their process for fear that they’re going to give away their secrets and others will copy them. I think that for the most part, that fear is unfounded. 

I love watching videos of José Parlá creating his paintings, building up layers of color and texture. I know I will never be able to make work that looks like his because that’s his style – not mine. I’ll learn from his techniques and I might even be inspired to try them out, but that’s probably as far as it will go. I’d much rather buy a print or a book of his work because I am unwilling to put in the amount of time and energy that he has in order to master his style.

I think most people are like that; they admire the amount of work that you put into your process and they want to encourage you on your journey. No matter what kind of creative you are, there will always be people who don’t respect your process – the “I could do that” people or the people who steal your work and sell it as their own- but don’t let that minority keep you from sharing your work with courage and conviction.

How do you share your process?

Show your tools
Share photos of your brushes, pens, carving tools, or whatever you use to create your work. One of the most common questions that I see on other artist’s posts is, “what brand of ____ do you use?” Sharing information like what tools you like the best and where they came from is a great way to start a conversation with your fans.

Show your workspace
I don’t know why we’re so obsessed with seeing other artists’ studios, but we are! Even if your workspace isn’t solely used as a studio space, you can still share it! I remember discovering that one of my favorite artists worked from a desk in his garage and how relieved it made me feel because I didn’t have a gorgeous, light-filled studio to work in.

Show your process
Shoot a timelapse video with your phone, or do a step-by-step tutorial to talk people through your process.

Show your inspiration
What artists have influenced you on your creative journey? What music do you like to listen to while working? What books/magazines/websites do you go to for business or creative tips? Use these inspirations to start conversations with your followers.

What do you think?

I have listed a few ideas here but I would love to hear from you. How do you show the world what makes your creative work special? How do you highlight the details that make your creations unique and special? Do you find that social media, email, or other outlets work best for connecting with your audience? Tell me on Instagram!